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Electronic/CCTV Installations

The necessity of electronic and CCTV in the house and organization can not be avoided, this we do with competency and guarantee

Security Dogs Services

Having dogs as security counterparts as being proven to be helpful in the security business over the years. Dogs are known as good security measures to wade off unwanted activities and threats.

Security Training

Constant training and re-training of our guards make them keep fit and alert to their various duties. This also aids mental fitness and physical fitness

Static Guards

The presence of a uniformed security guard is essential for adequate security measures in a residence, hospitals, estates etc. to protect lives and properties.

Events Security Management

For safe and conducive environment during an event or ceremony, the need for well kitted security personnel is essential. This will help avoid unnecessary criminal activities.

Consultations and Investigation

Our niche in establishing ourselves as security consultants to other security organizations, customers and intending prospects has endeared us to a long list of clientele in need of vital security information.


Over the years, the company was able to identify its area of strength in the ever growing and challenging private security industry.

1998 - 2003

Sometimes in the year 1987, the idea to promote a security outfit came up through Mr. R. Z. Iyamu. He sold the idea to such reliable and prominent people around to work together for the realization of the Business idea. The security business ASO ENTERPRISES NIGERIA LIMITED was formally founded in 1988 by the three late credible personalities who also served meritoriously in these offices;

  • Chief Olatinwo Ajibola (JP) - Managing Director
  • Mr. Robert Iyamu - Director Of Operations
  • Pastor Emmanuel Onifade - Executive Director

2003 - Till date

After the demise of the first generation of Directors in 2009, the baton was passed to the next and current generation who are in charge of the remarkable positioning of the organization in Nigeria and they are;

  • Late CPO Babatunde Emmanuel Onifade - Former Managing Director
  • Ibukun Ademola Ajibola- Current Managing Director
  • Osaheni Robert Iyamu- Executive Director (Finance & Admin.)
  • Olalekan Onifade- Executive Director (Operations)

With a modest beginning, the company was able to win some good contracts like the now defunct Trans International Bank, Federal College of Education (Special), Oyo, etc., and some individual and corporate contracts in the city of Ibadan.

They were able to sustain and grow their inherited portfolio from a moderate figure of 400 boots-on-ground to over 1000 guards as at the time of this presentation. In addition, the company was able to upgrade its Nigerian Security and Civil Defense operating license from Grade B to A in 2017, which has put us in a good stead of being able to engage in all contracts under the auspices of private security operators in Nigeria. The arrowhead for the drive for excellence is Ibukun Ajibola.


Our clients and partners nationwide in Nigeria

Fed. College Of Education (Special), Oyo

Emmanuel Alayande College Of Education, Oyo

Baptist Press

Nigerian Nuclear Regulatory Authority

Federal College Of Education, Osiele

Bovas & Company Limited

Bajaj Nigeria Limited

National Agricultural Seed Council

Baptist Women’s Missionary Union

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Our Team

ASO Enterprises Nigeria Limited prides itself for commitment, transparency, excellence, integrity, honesty and innovation. This and more has brought us as front liners in the security sector.

Ibukun Ajibola

Managing Director

Osaheni Robert Iyamu

Executive Director (Finance & Admin.)

Olalekan Onifade

Executive Director (Operations)

David Ebhonun

Deputy Director

Ayodele Oluwaniyi

Head, Operations

Adeola Adeagbo

Head, Account

Morenikeji Sidi

Head, Admin

Emmanuel Adenegan

Training Manager

Atinuke Idowu

Business Development Manager

Our Mission and Vision

ASO ENTERPRSES NIGERIA LMITED prides itself for commitment, transparency, excellence, integrity, honesty and innovation. This and more has brought us as front liners in the security sector.

Our Mission: To be the global front liner in security services provision through constant research with the aim of fixing the challenges within the industry, thereby delivering innovative customer satisfaction with integrity

Our Vision: To be the first African private security firm, offering world class services by breaking new grounds using cutting edge strategies

Our Corporate Values

  • Respect
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Personal growth

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